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5 Reasons you should hire a VA

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Now we're at the start of another week, where did the weekend go? You didn't have chance to catch up with your admin on Friday or even over the weekend! What should you do?

Step forward eNITA Virtual PA Services.

1. Your emails need to be answered and filed as required (email management).

2. Requests for meetings, from the emails need to be added to your diary (diary management).

3. Phone calls need to be made (the ones possibly requested in your emails).

4. The agent needs to be chased for your BTL (property management ).

5. You also have some letters that need to go out. You have already recorded these, so pass them on to be typed up (transcription).

5 less things for you to worry about.

Just think what else I could be doing to make your life easier. You will have more time with your clients and you will be able to relax more over the weekend, knowing that there is nothing to worry about!

Oh no! I forgot to answer that email by the deadline!!


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